Shelf Life

Q: How long will my MohDoh last?

A: IMPORTANT: MohDoh is a water-based modelling dough and it will quickly dry out if left exposed to the air; the aroma of the oils will also fade. 

  • Mohdoh has an unopened shelf life of approximately 18 months. 
  • Always store MohDoh in a cool, dark place.
  • Once opened, MohDoh has an expected life of approximately 30 ten minute uses.  It will dry more quickly if used for longer than ten minutes at a time. 
  • MohDoh must be returned to its original pot immediately after use, the lid closed firmly and completely and the pot returned to a cool, dark place. 
  • MohDoh MUST be kept in its original container at all times when not in use.  (If the pot is lost or damaged any suitably sized air-tight container can be used.)  
  • Partially dried dough can be refreshed by a few seconds ONLY in a microwave.
  • A VERY LIGHT misting with a fine water spray followed by kneading the dough can also be used to refresh partially dried MohDoh, but the surface must not be wetted as the dough structure will break down.
  • NEVER add new oils to the dough as the oils used in MohDoh have been carefully selected and measured to ensure the maximum benefits are received.

Instructions for using and storing MohDoh can be downloaded as a PDF here.