What is MohDoh?

Q: What is MohDoh?

A: MohDoh is a fun and effective range of vibrant mouldable remedies, which have been developed to combat a variety of ailments through play therapy, colour therapy and aromatherapy. There are nine products in the range, each of which tackle different symptoms, from travel sickness to anxiety. Each product in the range uses the same unique combination of therapies to create the perfect remedy for both adults and children in a fun and absorbing way.  The range consists of:
Unwind – gently calms and relieves worry
Think – stimulates and improves concentration
Travel – relieves travel anxiety and nausea
Calm – relaxes body and mind
Breathe – provides comfort from coughs and colds
Sleep – aids restful sleep
Headeez – use with tense, nervous headache
Quit – assistance with quitting smoking
Slim – assistance with losing weight