Q: Is there an alternative to travel sickness tablets?  My child suffers terribly from car sickness and can be ill on even the shortest of journeys. I don’t want to give him/her travel sickness tablets every time we get in the car. Is there an alternative?

A: Don’t worry, there is a great alternative on the market that is not only effective in combating the symptoms of car sickness, but your son/daughter will love it too as it doesn’t involve swallowing tablets or medicine and is great fun!  MohDoh Travel is part of the great range of mouldable products that combine the benefits of aromatherapy, colour therapy and play therapy to help make travel sickness a thing of the past for little ones.  MohDoh is simple and great fun to use, by kneading and playing with the dough, essential oils are vapourised, inhaled and absorbed through the skin.