What our Customers Say

At MohDoh, our customers are very important to us. Here is just a selection of what some of them have to say about our products:

“We’ve only been using mohdoh for a couple of weeks but already it has had a fantastic effect on our family. My 13 year old son is an avid computer game player but since mohdoh arrived he’s barely touched his PC and constantly plays with Smart to help him study and learn his lines for a school production of Shakespeare that he is in. My daughter is hooked on Calm and makes beautiful mermaids with it. She’s switched off the TV and switched on all her creativity and spends hours modelling with her dough. Last week we had a friend come to visit who’s child is rather hyper and a little upset with some family stuff that is going on. Normally her behaviour is quite difficult but I thrust a handful of No Worries (Unwind) to her and within minutes she was calm and happy. I’m so impressed with mohdoh that I will be incorporating it into our Babysigners classes so that all our customers can warm their hands up to get ready for signing with their babies. We’ll let you know how we get on. This is truly a marvellous product that has bought fun, colour, creativity and wonderful aromas into our lives. Great work guys!”  Emma, Managing Director

What an excellent product! I work as a childminder and some of the children I look after are going through a bit of a hard time emotionally due to mum and dad’s divorce, and already the No Worries has helped them to open up about their feelings. Well done..”  Judith, Childminder, Norfolk

“The kids in my classroom absolutely love mohdoh and I have really noticed the positive effect it has on them”.  Jane, Year 6 teacher, Birmingham

“I used to dread flying, but mohdoh helps to relax me without having to take medication.”  Sally, London

“I had heard about mohdoh through friends so thought I’d give it a try on my own kids. I was shocked at how noticeable the change in their behaviour was. 40 winks dramatically improved our bedtime routine and best of all, the kids really enjoy using it!”  Emily, Manchester