Buy MohDoh

We do not yet have the facility to order MohDoh through our web site.

MohDoh still costs £4.99 per pot retail directly from us, plus p&p (including VAT).

Postage & Packing costs for UK delivery are (including VAT):
1 Pot:   £2.40
2 Pots: £2.85
3 Pots: £3.30
4 Pots: £3.75
5 Pots: £4.20
6 Pots: £4.65
Additional pots, please add £0.45 each

Please contact us on 01626 835700 or to place an order.

Payments must be made by direct bank transfer, e.g. using online banking.  Our bank account details are included on all our invoices or are available on request  We are not able to take credit or debit card payments of any kind and, from 3rd April 2017, we will not accept payment by cheque.  This is due to the high and rising costs of card payments and cheques when the vast majority of our customers use online banking for direct payments.  We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Wholesale and trade enquiries: please contact us for prices and availability.